Hello. I'm Kat, owner of Four Little walls.

A doll's house obession that wouldn't die and a love of cute, quality toys has led us here after 15 years of collecting, buying and making in the 12th scale.

FLW launched in 2012 to cater for the tastes of adult,  design led, doll's house collectors and lovers of miniature things.

The blog showcases mini tutorials, wish lists, maker profiles and doll's house tours with a bit of behind the scenes thrown in, meanwhile over at the Etsy store you'll find one off pieces for your collection. 

My long suffering Dad, Simon, is the head of Bespoke doll's house builds here at FLW.
A carpenter with over 40 years experience building everything from theatre sets in the West End to boats in the South of France, he's pretty handy to have around!
After building my first doll's house for me around 20 years ago he clearly thought that would be the end of it. It wasn't. 


FLW has been featured in a number of national hobby and lifestyle publications and we had the great pleasure of building an extra special house for Kirstie's Handmade Christmas, airing on Channel 4, December 2016.  



 What scale are your items?

FLW doll's house miniatures and doll's house kits are 1:12 scale, this is the most universal scale for adult collectors in my experience and items are widely available. 
I currently stock one 1:16 scale house kit which lends itself to Lundby furniture and is also a popular home for Sylvanian Families (Calico Critters depending on where in the world you are!)

Maileg products are varying scales, some of the dolls and animals would be perfect in childrens doll's houses but are overall intended for play. 


What style/ era items do you carry?

I've never really categorised the shop into time periods and styles, instead they're sorted by department. 
I stock items I'd love in my full-sized home and that could be anything from a classic four-poster bed, to a hot pink chaise lounge; a retro style, aga stove or super modern, designer food mixer!
If you're looking for something in particular just drop me a line!


Are these miniatures suitable for children?

The short answer is no. 

Everything in the doll's house miniatures department is classed as an adult collectors item. Items are likely to break and cause damage or injury if used as toys. 
The standard labelling from larger hobby companies would say "not suitable for children under 14 yrs" , and I'm inclined to agree, not because we think your 8 year old is going to eat their new miniature chair, but because if it's handled roughly it will break. 

I will not accept returns for collectors items that have been broken after being used as toys. 


Can I contribute to your blog?

It's great to have a different tone of voice on the blog every now and again and I'm excited to be featuring some of my favourite artisans during 2017. 
I'm currently accepting submissions for tutorials, doll's house tours and maker profiles so if you've got something to shout about drop me a line at fourlittlewalls@gmail.com

Photography is super important so I'm really looking for clear, clean images. (Also a pet hate of mine is using a coin to show scale so if we could get creative and show that in other ways all the better!) 

If you want to share your mini projects via FLW social media please feel free!
You can find us on facebook, pinterest and Instagram.


#yourlittlewalls ; use this hashtag if you'd like your images shared across FLW social media channels. 


I'm stuck on a house build , can you help me?
Of course! I'll do my very best to assist over email or telephone if appropriate. 

Do you have a real life store I can visit?
Sadly not. (Though this has been, and continues to be, my dream job!) 
FLW hopes to attend some select Craft fairs in London and the South East in the coming months, check back on the events page for details and dates.  


Thank you for stopping by!